Custom Wars: Putting you in the game.

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Before downloading, it would probably be good to mention something.
Custom Wars requires Java; at least version 1.5.0. which can be downloaded here.
If you use Mac OS X; Unless you are using 10.4 (Tiger) or above, the newest version of Java you will be able to use is 1.4.2, which is NOT the latest version. So, unless you have Tiger, you're outta luck.

Custom Wars is open-source. And unless you know what you're doing with compiling Java, it's best to download the already-compiled version. The source isn't very helpful if your only intent is to play the game.

The latest stable version is: Beta 27.

Download Custom Wars' Beta Version 27 here!
-Animation canceling works more consistently.
-Carriers can build/launch now (there's a graphical issue with launching, -- -the launch area persists after firing. Press B to cancel out.)
-Moving units no longer have piercing vision (except for the spyplane)
-Fixed the atrocious filtering of Copper Sun and Cobalt Drift
-Added a manual for easy reading.
-Memento fixed!
-The unload bug discovered by Tails is fixed!
-The lobby auto-refreshes every 10 seconds (turn it on under options!) I'm not sure how much the server can take, but I might tweak it down to 5 second/2 seconds, or something where it refreshes often for the first 2 minutes, then down to once a minute. Is there a way to get the window to flash if there's a message?

Previous versions of CW
(To find the lists of updates for each one, check the General Programming forum.
Also, for Beta incremental versions and versions prior to 18, check the Programming forum as well)

Custom Wars Beta 26
Custom Wars Beta 25
Custom Wars Beta 24
Custom Wars Beta 23
Custom Wars Beta 22
Custom Wars Beta 21
Custom Wars Beta 20
Custom Wars Beta 19
Custom Wars Beta 18

Custom Wars is open source, too.
Refer to the Programming forum as well for the source code for each release.

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